Not Happy With Your Nursing Career Or Need To Start One? Travel Nurses Are In Great Demand!

Not Happy With Your Nursing Career Or Need To Start One? Travel Nurses Are In Great Demand!

If you are a nurse or plan to be one you may want to check out travel nurses. The benefits are huge and the demand for nurses in the United States is in dire need.

In the United States the number of young people entering the nursing field has declined, so much so, that it is feared that when the baby boomer nurses, who will soon retire, will put an immense strain on the medical profession.

With this great demand come many incentives to entice nurses to relocate, for example:

1) If you are coming from another country, you can be sponsored to obtain visa green cards and a social security number that will allow you to start work immediately. If you have a husband and children, they also can get green cards so they can remain with you and live and work in the States.

2) The agency can assist you with moving expenses and help find a suitable lodging for you and your family.

3) Free dental, health and life insurance are often offered as an incentive,

4) 401Ks with company matches may be offered to you.

5) License and NCLEX reimbursements may be offered to you.

6) Great pay!

It helps greatly to have experience in your field because if you do become a travel nurse you can be placed in a new hospital or facility and work in your specialized field immediately.

If you are not an experienced nurse then you may want to get that under your belt. Some hospitals want you to contract with them, but if you have any desire to relocate then you may want to pass that up and continue to train for that much needed experience. Some agencies will also place therapists and technicians.

If you are the adventurous type of person and want to experience many different facilities then you can be placed for 8 to 13 weeks at a particular place where your accommodations are taken care of for you. If you provide your own accommodations then you can get a generous subsidy for it. You can discuss what type of assignment you want and how long you want to do it and how many facilities you would like to work at. When your assignment is done you may want to consider a permanent residence or you may decide to resume a new assignment at a later date.

You will be providing a much needed service, travel to different parts of the country and meet lots of new people. It is an excellent way to find out the opportunities available and what kind of pay range there is and possibly relocating permanently.


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