Military Careers: 10 Extraordinary Reasons Why People Join The Military

Military Careers: 10 Extraordinary Reasons Why People Join The Military

It is hard to live with guns. This must have been the reason why many parents despise their son’s or even daughter’s decision to join the military. But those who persist in joining this institution insist the feeling is what they call “a call of duty.” This is when they feel they need to protect and fight for their beloved country.

However, some researchers had found out that people who join the military have mixed emotions, mixed sentiments and various reasons. All together, they compromise what seems to be the most diversified grounds for getting into the battlefield and fight for honor.

Hence, for those who wish to know why more and more people are joining the military, here is a list of 10 amazing yet strange reasons why they wanted to join the forces.

1. Financial reasons

One of the most intriguing reasons why people join the military is due to the bonuses and compensation that they will get.

The reason for this high-paying job is that the military recruitment program is actually experiencing a downfall in their program. In spite of the many contentions of the military people, they cannot dismiss the fact that for the past 10 years or so, they have been trying to recruit as many people as possible to join the military but to no avail.

That is why they have decided to increase the benefits and “enlistment bonuses.” These “enlistment bonuses” are juts the primary benefits that they and their family can obtain even just from the start of the enlistment.

Basically, the military people in the United States can obtain to as much as $70,000 as the government support in the studying of qualified service affiliates.

During the retirement, the military personnel can obtain as much as $100 in a month for the repayment of “tutorial assistance.”

Because of these benefits, the main target of the military recruitment is the college students who might want to take their time off from schooling. The military recruitment also focuses in recruiting high schoolers who are studying in a home school program.

With the remarkable financial benefits given by the military, who could resist such offer?

2. To be away from their parents

Funny as it may seem but many young boys are actually enticed to join the military because they wanted to stay away from their parents. 7 out of 10 high-school- age boys stated that their parents are so strict and demanding that they wanted to steer clear from them.

Hence, when opportunities like joining in the military along with the astonishing financial benefits, they would rather join the forces than to get spank and scolded by their moms.

3. A test of one’s courage

Joining the military is like a “daring” game, where people get to grab the chances of proving their courage and guts. Some say it is a man thing. It is as if when you join the military, you have somewhat proven to your neighborhood that you are brave enough to face Saddam or Bin Laden.

4. Good citizenship

Others say that the reason why they join the military is that they wanted to prove to their beloved country that they are good citizens and that they will defend the nation for as long as they can hold a gun and kill an Iraqi.

Sounds pathetic? Think again.

Some people think that joining a military is like paying tribute to the wonders that the United States was able to provide them. And yet, by the time they get into the war, they claim that the tribute is no longer present.

The problem is that there is no turning back.

5. To fight Al Qaeda and look for Osama Bin Laden

It may sound hilarious but this is actually one of the main reasons why some people join the military. In a recent survey, almost 35% out of the 100 interviewees responded that they wanted to help the American soldiers find Osama Bin Laden and bring down the forces of Al Qaeda.

In fact, this is one of the main reasons why Pat Tillman, a legendary football star, has finally decided to give up his sports career and join the military.

With this reason, it is as if the military is all about the Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden.

6. A good career

Another reason for joining the military is that people are enticed to do so because the recruiters say it is definitely a good career joining the military.
Just hope they are not lying.

7. Full time employment

For most people who had been completely jobless for almost 4 years, joining the military is a very attractive decision to make. Many insist that one of their main reasons why they join the service is because of the full time employment that they can achieve.

This would mean a the end of their job hunting, another four years not worrying anymore what to eat and where to buy their baby’s diapers, and a secured future, maybe not for them but for their family.

8. Family tradition

It is the way it is. Some people join the military because everyone in the family is doing it. Not much choice, huh?

9. To learn new skills

People who have these reasons are the adventurous type. They seek newer skills that they can master, and military seems to be the only way to gain such expertise.

10. Pride

Some people join the military because having those badges on their soldiers makes them proud of themselves. It is as if being a soldier is the most honorable job any one could ever have.

Some of these reasons may sound hilarious, while others sound so pathetic. For those who still want to join the military with reasons that are not included here, just think before you act. As they say, whoever lights a match will definitely get burn.


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