IT Consulting Career: Steps to Take Before Opening Your Doors

IT Consulting Career: Steps to Take Before Opening Your Doors

You need to prepare for your IT consulting career. In this article, you'll learn about whether business plans, certifications, and ficticious names are important for an IT consulting career.

Is Certifiation Necessary for an IT Consulting Career

Generally, with small businesses, not being certified is not going to hold you back. In other words, it doesn’t matter a lot to the typical small business owner.

It only becomes a real big issue when you are selling to an IT team manager in large small businesses. Yet, for most people you should get an entry-level certification, but you don’t need to sit through 6 or 8 tests to get an entry-level certification.

Are Business Plans Necessary for an IT Consulting Career?

It’s generally a good idea to have a business plan but don’t let a lack of one hold you back either. Sometimes people think that their business plan needs to be like a Shakespearean play and go on for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pages.

You should put together a simple 4-page business plan. You'll want to look at all different aspects of competitive issues, growth, and payback, positioning and marketing strategies. You might want to sit down and spend like a three day weekend to develop a very detailed business plan.

Are Ficticious Names Important for an IT Consulting Career?

A fictitious company name is just a matter of saying that you are not going to do business by just your first name and last name, you have decided to pick a company name like ABC computer Solutions of West Palm Beach or whatever.

Pick something that exemplifies what you do or what your main strengths may be. You should have a business name picked out before you start marketing because people will take you a lot more seriously in your IT consulting career.


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