New Concepts

New Concepts

We all love to dream up new concepts, don't we? Here are a few from my imagination. They are not patented or trademarked, so take them and call them your own if you want.

A human kite: Years ago I used to design and build kites while living alone in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. I always thought hang gliders are like kites. Since there isn't much altitude in Michigan, I wondered if you could use them in high wind, instead of from high hills. If tied to the ground by a strong line, you would rise up into the air in a hang glider, just like a kite. When done, just detach the line and glide back down.

Magnetic paintings: Made from a flat "canvas" of magnetic material, and an assortment of many colors of iron dust or small shavings. Just apply the metal dust carefully to create any picture you can imagine. Something like a Buddhist sand mandala, it could be very intricate and beautiful, but slightly more permanent. It could even be hung from the wall.

When you want to start a new painting - wipe it clean. The colored metal dust couldn't be salvaged and separated, but this is a good thing from a marketing standpoint, since users have to buy more in order to "paint" more.

New Concepts For TV Shows

Real survival show: I liked "Survivor," but the drama was too much. Of course it sells the show, but there are other markets too. Why not start all contestants on an island or other isolated locale, and let them quit when they want, but give them no assistance otherwise. No special competitions are necessary, because the competition is to see who best survives. This could be determined by who loses the least weight, for example. This certainly indicates some skill in obtaining food.

A street survivor how: No things, money or ID, and don't even let them use their real names. Find out who can survive, and have the best situation (maybe even a job?) a month later. Any breaking of laws disqualifies a contestant. If there are real success stories, the resulting show might be a great instructional video to inspire those who are really homeless to help themselves more.

New Concepts In American Justice

Don't let criminals exercise. Do we want violent offenders to come out of prison stronger and therefore more dangerous? We can't stop exercising in cells, but why provide equipment to help them get bigger muscles? Let violent offenders be out of shape. Doesn't that make more sense?

Use video testimony. At almost every trial, lawyers say things they shouldn't say, and the judge tells the jury to disregard the comments - as if they can. What if witnesses were questioned and cross-examined on video tape. If the jury only saw this, any parts with sustained objections could be edited out. Problem solved. Of course, all parties could be present during the viewing if they wished.

New Concept For A Business

Balloon rides are somewhat dangerous, and very dependent on weather, especially the speed and direction of the wind. Because of these reasons, they're not cheap. but what if someone offered rides that didn't take you far, but gave you a view from high above? Why not have "tethered" hot air balloon rides? The balloon can go up a thousand feet or more, then be pulled back in. This could be safer and more reliable, and be profitably offered at a lower price.

Hopefully you found at least one interesting or entertaining idea here. Maybe you'll even be inspired to come up with your own new concepts.


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