IT Consulting: Business Skills for Success

IT Consulting: Business Skills for Success

In addition to technical skills, you need business skills to run a successful IT consulting business. In this article, you'll learn some skills that will help you remain in the IT consulting business for years to come.

Learn How to Manage Your Money

You know a bit about financing. You need to know about where to raise funds when things are a little slow with your IT consulting practice. You'll need to know how much capital you are going to need, You'll also need to be able to anticipate when things are going to run low and how to proactively run around that.

Learn How to Multi-Task

In the IT consulting business, you are going to need to work on a lot of different projects and with a lot of different clients all at once.

Learn How to Negotiate

You need to be able to do some lobbying and act as a politician at times. You'll do this by building consensus among clients and fighting factions in the workplace.

For example, the accounting department may really want an application but the applications department absolutely hates it. If your main decision-maker of the account says that the application must be installed, what do you do? You've got to be diplomatic to make it happen.

Learn How to Handle All the Aspects of a Project

Project management skills are really important you have to bring together a lot of different pieces - especially when you are talking about a big LAN rollout. You are going to have to be getting involved in purchasing on a pretty regular basis especially if you are going to be doing product reselling.

Research skills are really key here - especially putting together complex networks and researching and putting together solutions. Being resourceful, knowing who to turn to for what.

The Bottom Line about IT Consulting

While technical skills are important for IT consulting, you need business skills to stay in the IT consulting field for the long haul.


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