Golf Course Management:  A Career Choice Loaded With Opportunity

Golf Course Management: A Career Choice Loaded With Opportunity

Golf's rising popularity, fame and fortune has propelled the sport into something of magnitude, but without good golf courses and top quality complexes, players would be left putting on Astroturf. Professionals, such as Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, have created a following of fans and many people look to follow in their footsteps, as with any star in any type of occupation. This increase in popularity and playing activity means that the golfing industry has to respond.

Golf course management has become an important and integral part of making sure that professional players continue to promote the sport. Golf complexes also provide many career opportunities to other people and they offer a varied selection of jobs for anyone to explore. Club pros, greens keepers, physiotherapists, photographers and writers enjoy plenty of exposure and a good, solid career thanks to golf courses and complexes. But all these spin off job markets rely on one very important occupation: golf course management.

Running a golf course is similar to any industry. There's a certain amount of experience, training and know how required to have an effective facility that keeps members satisfied for continued patronage and encourages people to break into the sport of golf. While not every person is determined to have a PGA career, huge numbers of those hooked on the game of golf provide sales to facilities and jobs for the golfing industry. In the UK alone, four million people are involved in golfing and the popularity of the game in North America is even greater.

At this point, you may be asking yourself why you should look into golf course management as a career. The reasons are fairly simple. Top quality complexes need skilled employees to manage and oversee the well oiled functioning of their facilities. There's an enormous amount of money involved in the golfing industry and complexes need to maintain the current standards that keep players coming back and provide exciting, new challenges to golfers. New greens are continually cropping up as experienced trainers learn the tricks and traps of courses and each facility needs to be better than the last, as well as providing stiff competition to other complexes. Competition, after all, only forces each facility to improve upon what already exists and increase the quality of what they offer to players.

Academies and colleges offer degrees in golf course management, so even someone who's just getting into golfing can learn the ins and outs of running a complex. Most academies will offer training with emphasis on operations and management, and usually within two years, you'll have a degree certifying your skills that makes you an attractive asset to any facility. A wide variety of courses within programs allow students to specialize in one area of the golfing industry or another, whether it is as golf pro or the general running of a complex. Programs are usually a blend of practical and classroom training, involving learning the in depth points of golfing as well as the business aspects of the industry.

Training in golf course management is provided by instructors that are usually PGA golf pros themselves, and the operational side of learning is provided by strong business leaders that will teach you the effective running of a golf complex, from the food industry to turf management. Human resources, sales and coaching are also integral parts of learning to work inside the golfing industry, which leaves you with a well rounded professional training and set of skills useful in any company or business. Many academies also provide extra training and coaching for those players who show the talent and ability to become PGA professional golfers themselves.

With a degree in golf course management, you'll be able to provide services and facilities to not only the amateur golfer or weekend players but also the PGA pros. Every client is important to the longevity of the golfing industry and each situation you'll face will only increase your personal value in the job market. Finding an academy or college that will provide you with the certification and skills you need is fairly easy, as even educational institutions themselves have noticed the increasing demand and responded with ample programs and varied courses to help you reach your occupational goals.


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