Work Life Balance - 6 Tips For Achieving It

Work Life Balance - 6 Tips For Achieving It

Work life balance is a primary consideration when you are first starting a computer consulting business. Regardless if you are getting started part-time, full time, or moonlighting, this launch will be intense for you. At no other time will work life balance be so critical.

Getting started takes a lot of time and energy and it can be very draining. To maintain even a semblance of work life balance your have to be very organized. You have to have specific methods in place that will allow to enjoy work life balance.

Use the following six strategies to achieve and maintain work life balance:

Avoid going out to clients on more than 3 consecutive weekday evenings. You will have no work life balance if you are out every night of the week or out back to back nights.

Stick to a rigid standard configuration. Achieving work life balance means working efficiently. If you keep consistent hardware and software, standard settings, similar operating systems, similar peripherals, the same ISPs whenever possible, and the same web host whenever possible, you will reduce stress and improve your work life balance.

Look for 9-5 clients. An easy way to keep work life balance is to avoid round-the-clock clients. You went out on your own to avoid being on call 24/7.

Don't let deadbeats ruin your moral. If you worry or fret about deadbeat clients you will upset the work life balance you are tying to achieve. It's frustrating but don't give these situations all your time and attention.

Try to operate from a position of financial strength. This allows you to be picky about your clients. The better clients you have, the less stress and worry you have, and the more work life balance you have.

Live by the motto: Life’s too short to put up with crap. You need to be able to laugh and let some of this roll off your back. Finding the right perspective helps work life balance fall into place.

The Bottom Line on Work Life Balance

Work life balance is not a luxury - it is a necessity. You must create your business so that it supports work life balance rather than defeats it. There are some simple strategies you can use to create work life balance but the most important is to keep your work in the right perspective. Don't let work consume you - concentrate instead on what you can do every day to ensure you have work life balance.


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