All You Need To Know About Adsense To Blast Your Income Sky-high!

All You Need To Know About Adsense To Blast Your Income Sky-high!

From my personal experience and from speaking with many other publishers, it seems that many of them cannot even garner enough earnings to trigger off a payment from Google (USD $100). This is really sad because many give up before even reaching the halfway mark. Imagine adding up all the quitters, the amount of advertising money Google would have pocketed without paying a cent!

Point #1 Find Your Niche.

You need to know about your topic or subject fully and be an at least knowledgeable on it. You write quality content, you get quality ads shown. It is as simple as that. If you really found profitable niche on but know nuts about it, you can always use free articles (like this one) and post them on your site with their links on them of course. It is a easy and quick way to get quality content to your site.

Point #2 Laser Focused Theme.

You need to fully concentrate on your topic and area of interest. Do not deviate from it even a single bit! The reason behind this is to get the MOST relevant ads to your content which in turn will be the most likely to interest the visitor and get clicked on.

Point #3 Website Navigation.

Do not trick the visitor, do not confuse the visitor, do not attempt to hide the ad but do not ‘blast’ the ad at the same time. Create your navigation in such a way that your ads appear unobtrusive and yet viewable. It is advisable to put more then one ad but do not cramp your page with ads, it turns the visitor off.

Point #4 Key Word Density

Although Google doesn't release exact details as to how they determine the ads to serve on a given page. We do know that content (and words) of the page that matters. Before serving ads on a page, then, you might want to check its keyword density to see what words pops up most frequently.

Point #5 Maintain Content Readability

Advertisements should not distract from your content, or else your visitors will be driven away. Make Adsense a cohesive part of your site design, not something slapped in at the last minute or some hastily put up page.

Point #6 Ask Them!

Google knows best about their own programs. If you have any doubt or any question at all, feel free to mail them. “Please feel free to email us at if you have additional technical questions or concerns. For general program or account questions, please email”

Point #7 Do Nots.

Do no click on your own ads neither should you ask others to click on your Google ads. Do not manually change or modify you ad code. Do not place Google ads on sites that include prohibited/questionable content (e.g.: adult sites, hate sites) Do not employ cloaking, hidden text or farm links. Do not create a site just because you think you found high paying keywords and throw content in just based on them just for the purpose of profiting from them.


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