Be a Rich Jerk!

Be a Rich Jerk!

You want to meet the Rich Jerk!

Ha – don’t make me laugh. What do you think the chances are of ever getting to meet this 26-year old brat who has more money than you’ve had hot dinners?

Oh, you want to BE a Rich Jerk?

Well, that’s a completely different story! I’m going to tell you why.

A few days ago, I heard about this fellow who had sold a web site and business on eBay for a fabulous sum of money. More than that, he is still running extremely successful online businesses, which are adding to his considerable wealth, every minute of the day. Now, if like me, you’ve built the web sites, made sure that the search engines find them – and then still only make a modest living online, there’s surely something to learn from this guy’s approach. So, I bought the eBook that he wrote and, although it’s only a small book, it has some great advice.

The topics covered in the eBook include
· Which are the best affiliate companies to join
· Tips on writing a sales letter for your product or website
· Pay-per-click search engine strategies
· How to improve your search engine results
· Selling on eBay – some really interesting stuff here

I have to be honest here – there’s quite a bit of this information available in forums and discussion groups online. What isn’t there, though, is how this guy applies the information to his own online businesses to make a great living. I would also say that he’s got a chapter in the book about some investment strategies; that’s one area that I am going to steer well clear of, because I don’t know enough about investments to make a good judgment on the advice.

Will these strategies make me money?

Well, since I bought the eBook, I have already put a couple of strategies in place and can confirm that I have already got a return in my investment. The next trick is to reinvest the profits and build up some capital. Then, with some good working capital behind me, applying more of the tricks and tips to my online business will start to pay good dividends. If you want to check out the eBook for yourself, you can buy it online at Meet the Rich Jerk - there is a 45 day money-back guarantee. (I'd be surprised if you need it.)


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