Computer Consultant Skills: Can You Be Your Own Boss?

Computer Consultant Skills: Can You Be Your Own Boss?

If you're just getting started, what do you need to know about the business aspects of being their own boss? It really boils down to two very straightforward things. You need to have some basic business skills and knowledge and you need the motivation to become a computer consultant.


You have to really want to become a computer consultant badly. Think about anything you’ve ever really achieved in life. Whether it’s graduating from school or passing a test. Maybe it was getting your driver’s license, getting married, maybe buying your first car or home, maybe becoming a parent.

Whatever it is, it took a lot of motivation and determination. There’s always going to be ups and downs, some tough days and some tough weeks, but in most cases it’s probably going to be well worth it in the end. There are tools and tips you can use, but ultimately the drive and the desire has to come from within.

Step By Step Plan

The second part is knowing the key steps that you need to do week by week as you get through your first few months. You need to know what to get for your office, what to have in the car with you, what to do when you’re setting up credit policies, what to do to scope out the competition, what to charge, who to network with, who’s worth sucking up to and know who you’re wasting time with. All these things can be taught.

You'll need to figure out your expenses, what you need to bill out at, how to organize everything, what to buy, and probably just as important, what not to buy. You'll need to figure out how to work more efficiently, get paid for your time and get paid well for your time working as a computer consultant. The great part is that these are all very teachable things.

You Can Become a Computer Consultant

If you manage to master various software applications and network operating systems and hardware devices over the years you can definitely get your hands around a handful of important business skills that you need to become a computer consultant.

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