Hazardous Waste, Name Says It All

Hazardous Waste, Name Says It All

Hazardous Waste…. Name Says It All

Hazardous waste is generated by each and every industry; no matter how big or small. It has properties that make it dangerous or potentially harmful to human health and the environment which makes it vitally important to ensure that hazardous waste disposal is done with utmost care.

Hazardous waste is generally defined by one or more of these characteristics:

Ignitable: Such hazardous waste is highly inflammable. It is capable of burning at or below 140o F. Unwanted gasoline is an ideal example.

Corrosive: It burns the skin, causes irritation in the eyes and is capable of destroying living tissue when contact occurs. It can corrode metals, plastics or rubber. Automobile battery is a corrosive waste.

Explosive or Reactive:
Such waste is capable of causing an explosion or releasing poisonous fumes when exposed to water, air or other chemicals. Old medicinal ether and out-dated ammunition are reactive wastes.

Toxic: These wastes are fatal if swallowed. Heavy metals like lead and mercury are toxic wastes.

Radioactive: This type of waste is capable of damaging and destroying cells and chromosomal material in the human body and other living organisms. It can also contaminate the air and the surrounding environment.

Hazardous waste can be in the form of liquid, solid, contained gases, or sludges. It can cause illness, injury or even death and also destruction of environment. Because of such potential risks, hazardous waste is treated differently from ordinary wastes.

It needs to be disposed of properly by professionals who are trained in environmental hazardous waste services . The improper disposal of even small quantity of hazardous waste poses a long-term risk to public health and the environment. After all it takes only a small amount of waste to contaminate a large area of soil or groundwater.

Because of these serious risks it is imperative that even small businesses properly identify and dispose of hazardous waste taking the help of companies who specialize in providing hazardous waste disposal services and industrial cleaning.These companies undertake proper transportation and disposal of all types of hazardous waste be it in solid, semisolid or liquid forms including ignitable, corrosives, oils, dry bulk, sludge, filtrate, reactive, biological waste etc.

Hazardous waste disposal companies efficiently manage hazardous waste from cradle to grave providing disposal services like:
  • Detailed listing of on-site chemicals
  • On-site sampling and analysis of hazardous waste
  • Waste profiling
  • Manifesting
  • Waste Placarding
  • reactive chemical stabilization
  • transportation and disposal

In the wake of growing concern about the environment, all kinds of industries be it automotive, packaging, printing, electrical, plastics and many others are turning to companies providing environmental remediation services. In this way they get rid of the waste and do their bit for the environment too.


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